Nightstand Home Defense System

Sure, you could just have a baseball bat and trashcan lid beside the bed, but you can do so, very much better…

Sadly it appears to have been discontinued at the original seller.  Still, might be a great DIY project for woodworkers.



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Folding Minimalist Nightstand

I’d love one of these to keep my essentials at hand. It’s work great on my otherwise profile-less MALM.  My only fears is the roving, chewing machine (aka dog).

Urban Shelf Urban Shelf was built for small spaces

Whether you’re in a dorm room, a first apartment, or a starter home, we know you’ve experienced life in a small space. (And how that small space gets even smaller once our board game collection moves in… and the bookcases get stocked…) All we need is a tiny shelf next to our bed to hold our e-reader, phone, and glasses. It would be awesome if this shelf also held our cords …
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