Ironing Technology Evolved

Folks that know me well, know I have a “thing” about ironing. How could I know be excited about this clever ironing board design?

Iron Station__Secondary_03

Ironing clothes on a traditional board is very far from easy. That’s because those boards were designed with… well, God knows what they had in mind when they designed them! You end up moving your wrinkly duds in all directions just to lay one part or the other flat. It’s stupid. But the Ironing Station you see above isn’t.

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Bra Wash Bag

I have been thoroughly educated by a lifetime of family and girlfriend about the perils of just throwing bras in with the rest of the wash/drying, so where they heck was this when it was my turn to do the laundry?

Hook the fastens on my bra together to keep the hooks from catching on things, put two bras in the wash bag throw them in the washing machine on the delicate cycle, and they come out fresh and clean and ready to hang dry. These little gadgets have doubled the life of bras.

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Folding Laundry For People Who Hate Folding Laundry

I am well aware not everyone shares my eerie love of freshly washed, folded and/or ironed laundry, but there is hope…

This laundry and shirt Flip Folding Board will save you time & make your life easier in many ways. This product is designed to let you fold a shirt in seconds with 6 simple steps. It keeps the shirts crisp with tight folds and creases without you worrying how it will look when worn. Features ventilated panels that reduce static cling and pull back affect. Your kids will finally stop whining about folding laundry especially the shirts and tee-shirts …
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