Animal Themed Swiss Army Knife

It won’t get you out of any tough spots or save your bacon (that’s for you, Internet) but designer, David Suhami’s “swiss army” animal knife is oddly amusing.

More of an entertaining accent than a truly useful tool, the Animal Pocket Knife is for adults who still like their toys! Similar to a Swiss army knife, a variety of stainless steel heads, tails and legs fold out to reveal some of Africa’s native wildlife like the giraffe, antelope and rhinoceros. Perfect for storytelling!

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Space Saving Under Counter Knife Rack Idea

Big fan of efficient usage of space, not to mention the tiny house movement, so I was delighted to see Local Kitchen’s clever solution (which seems so darn obvious in hindsight). As a bonus, keeps knives that much farther from tiny hands that might get into trouble otherwise.

Living in one room is wonderful, especially in a small space, because it is so open that it doesn’t feel small, but it does cut way down on available wall space. Because you don’t have many walls, you see. The available wall space in the kitchen, that is not covered with lovely …
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