Wisconsin Lakeside Home Stuns

Truly breathtaking home inside and out. A man can dream, right?

The Chenequa Residence is born out of its site and is informed by the surrounding environment. The house wraps around the face of a hill and pivots around established trees. It carries stone, stained concrete and wood seamlessly through the expansive glazing to connect the interior and exterior spaces.

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Modulus Six Oaks Container Home Impresses

Although the color doesn’t grab me, I really like the way this design embraces the shipping container lines while combining them into a more dynamic space than the usual single rectangle.

Created as a getaway in a heavily wooded site sits a home that strives for a functional, monetary, material, and poetic ‘essentialism’ so as to create nothing extraneous and make opportunity of every element. With recycled shipping containers as a key sustainable and building element, the design and concept culminate in creating a modern, yet rustic home that speaks to the nature and history of the site as an …
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Is There Anything Vardos Don’t Make Cooler?

No matter the form, roulottes gitanes, gypsy caravans, vardos, sheep wagons or whatnot, you have to admit these are beautifully designed and decorated.  There is even a sort of modern take on the vardo with the revival of the teardrop trailer culture.

George's Vardo

vardo is a traditional horse-drawn wagon used by British Romani people (Gypsies). The design of the vardo included large wheels running outside the body of the van, which slopes outwards considerably towards the eaves.

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Gorgeous Sarasota Bay Guest House

Guest house? Frankly, I wouldn’t mind living there full time, primary residence.  Ok, so I lean towards the tiny house trend a bit more than most, but you have to admit that is one gorgeous space, inside and out.

The guest residence, located on a barrier island, is set within a mature oak hammock along Sarasota Bay. The structure is inspired by the character of the live oaks, which have been shaped by the prevailing coastal winds from the west.

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