Nightstand Home Defense System

Sure, you could just have a baseball bat and trashcan lid beside the bed, but you can do so, very much better…

Sadly it appears to have been discontinued at the original seller.  Still, might be a great DIY project for woodworkers.



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Modular Furniture Seating Solutions

With only a few less configurations than Legos, the Kokuyo system by Nendo will give even the most fickle redecorators busy creating numerous solutions for modern seating.

Bracket: A High Back Sofa System by nendo for KOKUYO in home furnishings  Category

Design studio Nendo has crafted a unique sofa system for KOKUYO, complete with high backs, that gives individuals and groups a place for privacy in an office environment. Named Brackets, the seating is meant to “bracket” whoever is sitting, like parentheses.

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Convertible Sofa & Table Set

Huge fan of convertible and space saving furniture; more-so when it is this attractive.

In our apartments we are always in the confrontation with furniture for the living space. It is so important, that the Interior items possess little space, are multi-functional and small in size. I created a sofa for the living room, that can easily be transformed into a small dining-table with 6 padded stools.

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For The Truly Dedicated Outdoor Lounger

For some people a folding chair will simply not do. They need an “outdoor lounging ecosystem”. Well, your needs may have been met.


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Back of Door Storage Shelves

I’ve seen plenty of shoe and towel hangers that take back the wasted space behind doors, this shelf really takes it to the next level.

The Back of the Door Cabinet will take up some wasted space

This is the storage cabinet that optimizes the unused space behind a door. Unlike the hooks used by over-the-door shelving that do not allow proper closure of a door, this one installs in minutes using a patented connection system that attaches to a door’s existing hinges, eliminating the need to alter a door’s structure.

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