How About A Bite of Sushi?

This would be the perfectly compliment to my Shark Mug.

The Shark Sushi Plate is handmade from clay by Avigayil, a full time biology student with a hobby of doing ceramics. The plate will give you a different eating experience when you dip sushi into the shark’s mouth for some sauce.

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Bumperstickers You Can Share With New “Friends”

Ok, so you come across that special new person in your life and you want to share your opinion of what makes them special.  Just slap one of these on their bumper and mission accomplished.  Personally, I could probably hand out a dozen of these a week.  🙂

If you’re a merciful type, take comfort in the fact that these are not super sticky, so they can be removed once your new “friend” gets the message.

Via Threadless


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Edible Architecture

Architecture that satisfy the brain and the stomach? Ok, so its all Photoshop and Jame’s Giant Peach is conspicuously missing. 🙂

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Why Yes, This is the Luggage You Are Looking For

This tribute to Star War’s most beloved droid appeared on Salvador Bachiller luggage site recently, but now it is apparently gone. My money is on the ‘forces” of Lucas’ lawyers, sadly.  There are many other beautiful and clever ideas still on the site, though…

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Feline Furniture Fabrication

You don’t have to be a cat person to realize how much a feline companion would adore this couch.  Maybe a bit too much. I’m envisioning cat attacks on unsuspecting guests and loungers. 🙂

Korean designer Seungji Mun wanted cat owners to live closer alongside their furry friends, so he integrated this curving tunnel into a couch. He used commercially available pipe and built the rest of the couch from scratch.

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