Bat Flashlight

I’m sure there is an opportunity to add insult to injury to this (at the risk of trademark lawsuit) but adding a “bat signal” template.

Self Defense 200 Lumen Baseball Bat/Flashlight — For When You Know You're Not Safe

This 200 Lumen Baseball Bat/Flashlight provides self defense against a threat or physical assault. Durable, scratch- and corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum bat frame features a cross-checkered handle for positive grip in any situation.

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Night Shoveling

Oh I’m sure there are perfectly mundane uses for a lighted shovel, like… night blooming gardens, roadside sand/snow emergencies digging up the entrance to the map room in lost city of Tanis, however, I prefer to envision mobsters making a “deposit” late at night in the deserts outside Las Vegas.

For some odd reason the seven dwarfs used to go mining at night and I reckon they could put this Light Shovel to good use! Jokes aside, I think it is a clever idea to integrate lighting into the shovel stick. It could come in handy in mines or when …
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Weather Information Key Chain

Clip this on to your keys, backpack, commuter bag or whatnot and you’ve got weather reports at hand without having to resort to phone or an app. Not to mention several other handy features such as time, alarm, compass and flashlight.

Don’t just follow the weather. Plan for it. Not only does this useful keychain forecast the temperature and humidity anywhere in the world, it also features an alarm clock with snooze, calendar, compass, and a brilliant LED light. Makes a great backup alarm on the road, survival tool when camping, and handy keychain at home. Made of hard plastic …
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Review of Eton FR160 emergency radio

Mystech: Another one of those things you regret you don’t have once you really need it. A detailed review of a very reasonable priced emergency flashlight and radio powered by crank or solar that’ll even charge your USB devices!


Everyone says you need a good radio in an emergency. Everyone, in this case, is right. I could go on about why communication is important in an emergency, and maybe I will later, but the short answer is that it keeps you informed. Information is something you can rarely have too much of, especially in an emergency. This applies to …
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