Chic Stackable Picnic Gear for Summer

Using a clever nesting design (like those Russian dolls), this set combines an impressive number of plates, cups and utensils into a beautify package. Even the carry bag collapses down to a placemat or pot trivet.

Combine: An Eco Chic Picnic Set from Bold a design company in style fashion home furnishings  Category

The reusable table set brings fun and informality to on-the-go dining with its minimal design that basically houses everything you need all in one stackable unit. The kit features two large bowls, a divided bowl, a pot for sauces, along with plates, cups, and coasters for six people. All the components stack vertically and are transported in a heat-molded silicone bag.

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How About A Bite of Sushi?

This would be the perfectly compliment to my Shark Mug.

The Shark Sushi Plate is handmade from clay by Avigayil, a full time biology student with a hobby of doing ceramics. The plate will give you a different eating experience when you dip sushi into the shark’s mouth for some sauce.

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Party Plate and Wine Glass Combination

Perhaps a bit of a uni-tasker, but you have to admit it solves that one problem very elegantly.

Catering Set by KABO&PYDO

Utensils designed for banquets catering cocktail parties, where people stand, often change location and negotiate with others. Design a plate and two glasses (wine and water or juice). And a glass plate can hold in one hand. The second arm member is free, it may as easily as possible, to impose a snap, stick a fork or shake hands with the caller.

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