La Philie “Ant” Plates, Teapots and Cups

This strikingly realistic “ant-ware” by La Philie would probably give even the most ardent tea lover pause… and yet, I still like them.  🙂


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Chic Stackable Picnic Gear for Summer

Using a clever nesting design (like those Russian dolls), this set combines an impressive number of plates, cups and utensils into a beautify package. Even the carry bag collapses down to a placemat or pot trivet.

Combine: An Eco Chic Picnic Set from Bold a design company in style fashion home furnishings  Category

The reusable table set brings fun and informality to on-the-go dining with its minimal design that basically houses everything you need all in one stackable unit. The kit features two large bowls, a divided bowl, a pot for sauces, along with plates, cups, and coasters for six people. All the components stack vertically and are transported in a heat-molded silicone bag.

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Raising the Bar With the Simple Red Cup

Ubiquitous attendee of almost every party I’ve been to since my teens, that did NOT require a tie, the Red Plastic Cup is iconic.  And now mixologists and alcohol aficionados can finally enjoy it and have the “proper” receptacle for their favorite drinks.

Red Plastic Cup

The cups are molded from ABS plastic, so they’re usable and dishwasher safe. They might not look very classy but they’re definitely the funnest cups you can have around. Cup prices range from $4 to $10.

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Fondue for Two

Forget the huge, hard to clean pots, this pair of fondue cups make for an intimate cheese moment for you and your +1.

Easy fondue at home! Melt cheese or chocolate for dipping fruit, veggies, breads and more. Ceramic mugs feature bottom openings for tea lights (not included) to heat your favorite dip. Set of 2 mugs and 4 dipping forks. Microwave and dishwasher safe. Mugs measure 3″L x 5″W x 4 3/4″H. Forks are 4 5/8″L.

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Everything’s Better in a Bacon Cup

Ok, maybe not jello shooters, but I can think of lots of tasty bacon cup dishes.

Make an Egg in a Bacon Cup, and Other Incredible Bacon-Cup-Based Foods

I’ve made breakfast cups before with toast, eggs and bacon. After making an easier version last week with egg and cheese, I thought I’d try it again, but this time I wrapped them with bacon!

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