IKEA Enters Small Business Space… With Lemonade Stand

Those flatpack ninjas help your young entrepeneur set up their sidewalk startup.

Encourages role play which helps children to develop social skills by imitating grown-ups and inventing their own roles. Via IKEA

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IKEA Take On the Kid’s Lemonade Stand

Kids selling lemonade is kind of an American classic image. IKEA takes a shot at it with their children’s market stand, Skylta.  This one is corrogated cardboard, so might be better suited to roleplaying… unless you want to use it as a pattern for your DIY flatpack creation.

Encourages role play; children develop social skills by imitating grown-ups and inventing their own roles.

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Minimize the Toy, Maximize the Imagination

I’m a firm believer that children’s toys should meet the imagination halfway, empowering creativity and exploration, rather than present entertainment. In a similar vein, Kukkia’s “Machi” is a simple, minimalist set that allows children to create freeplay creations.


Kukkia means ‘to bloom’ in Finnish and ‘kuki’ means stem in Japanese. The focus of their products is to provide children with tactile and vividly-colored shapes that are both fun and visually stimulating. They want kids to get involved and to use their imaginations to create, change and re-invent how toys are played with.

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Build Your Child An Amazing Craft Center For $50

Attractive and organized, this center looks like just the thing for striking a balance between letting a child explore their creativity while keeping housecleaning parents sane.

DIY Craft Station for Kids

“I’m cur­rently in the process of set­ting up a new craft stu­dio to cor­ral all of the projects that have slowly begun to take over our house. The inten­tion was to cre­ate a space for “mommy’s projects,” but it quickly caught the inter­est of my lit­tle ones. What could be cooler than a room filled with art supplies?”

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Creative Craft Table For Children

Stupendous kids creative workstation.  I like the scrolling roll of paper underneath to keep a constantly refreshing palette beneath your child’s crayons, brushes and pens.  Though at this price, might be a better project for DIY.

With a 47″ x 30″ tabletop, paper roll holder, canvas storage bins, top storage cubbies and more, the Deluxe Art Center creates the perfect setting for drawing, crafts and creative activities. Features solid wood legs with rugged birch plywood surfaces and a UV-coated tabletop. Paper roll holder accepts up to an 18″ roll.

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