Build Your Child An Amazing Craft Center For $50

Attractive and organized, this center looks like just the thing for striking a balance between letting a child explore their creativity while keeping housecleaning parents sane.

DIY Craft Station for Kids

“I’m cur­rently in the process of set­ting up a new craft stu­dio to cor­ral all of the projects that have slowly begun to take over our house. The inten­tion was to cre­ate a space for “mommy’s projects,” but it quickly caught the inter­est of my lit­tle ones. What could be cooler than a room filled with art supplies?”

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Whimsical Bubble Hotel

Not for shy types, these transparent rooms allow full view of the beautiful sites where they are located, but might not be the ideal choice for a “romantic” get away.  😉  The snowing picture reminds me of an inside out snowglobe.

Not far from the city of lights, a new hotel that offers weary Parisians the chance to fall asleep beneath the glow of the stars. The Bubble Tree hotel is the brainchild of French designer Pierre-Stephane Dumas. (SOUNDBITE) PIERRE-STEPHANE DUMAS, DESIGNER OF ‘BUBBLE TREE’ SAYING (French) : “I think nearly all of us have dreamed of something like this.…
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Painting With Molten Glass

Seattle artist Etsuko Ichikawa works in an unusual medium.   Charring forms and designs onto a surface with molten glass (the sort and amount usually used in glass blowing).  Video after the cut.

These works are glass pyrographs that are made by drawing hot molten glass, leaving the immediate charred tracery of my movement with the heat. It is a way of capturing a fleeting moment and eternalizing it, and it gives the viewer the opportunity to see a gesture.


This aspect of her work is also presented a performance piece call “Firebird”.

Via Etsuko Ichikawa

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Beach Printing, An Transitory Art

I’m a little leery of a steamroller running up and down a beach, but if those concerns have been addressed, there is a certain grace in the transitory nature of this bit art. The more mischievous part of me wonders if the roller could be equipped with giant, Godzilla-like tracks, however. 🙂

A Sign in Space by Gunilla Klingberg

A Sign in Space is an art installation at Spain’s Laga Beach by Gunilla Klingberg that reminds us of man’s relatively transient footprint. It’s a “truck tire star pattern” that’s diligently embossed into the sand at low tide, only to be washed away at high tide. The beach …
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Saraceno Met Installation, Cloud City

Take a walk in the sky. Check out Tomás Saraceno’s pod-like Cloud City on the roof of The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. It’s great to see but better to experience. Visitors can walk on and through the structure of clear plexiglass, polished steel, and open windows which create an exhilarating (and occasionally frightening) sensation of walking on air.

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