Science of Intoxication Shot Glasses

Because after a hard day in the lab, who doesn’t want to throw back a little C2H5OH?

Even geniuses need their happy hour! Feel like a scientist with these chemistry shot glasses, and make your own enjoyable concoctions.

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Shoot From the Hip With a Belt Buckle Liquor Flask

Ok, not exactly from the hip but in the same neighborhood.  The Maxam Flask Belt Buckle allows you to convenient carry your allotment of liquids in a conveniently accessible way.  I wonder if they offer engraving.

Features brushed finish sides polished top and bottom and clip on buckle to securely hold flask. Fits 1-1/2″ wide belt. Measures 3-7/8″ x 3″ x 1-1/4″. Limited lifetime warranty. Gift boxed.

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Ale Alternatives for the God of Thunder

Sure, a drinking horn or oversized flagon of ale is the usual fair for your norse god of thunder types, but every now and then when Thor likes a smooth single-malt whiskey, what’s he going to have?  The folks at Highland Park distillery appear eager to answer that timeliness question. Also, he has a blog.


Thor is the first release in the Highland Park Valhalla Collection and like its namesake, shares many of the legendary Norse god’s larger-than-life characteristics.

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