Wolfhound Sniffs out Contraband Cell Phones

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Not that this will help if inmates simply remove cell phone batteries except when checking messages and making “burst transmissions” during times when guards aren’t sweeping.

Wolfhound.jpgIt took less than 30 minutes for this Wolfhound to sniff out 10 contraband cell phones from a maximum security prison located near Bangkok, Thailand. As you can see by the picture, this wolfhound isn’t a dog but a gadget that looks like a TV remote for senior citizens. The Wolfhound is made by Berkeley Varitronics Systems of Metuchen, New Jersey, which has been making wireless devices for over 35 years.

The Wolfhound works by detecting cell phones’ RF energy, which it can do even through thick concrete walls.

The Wolfhound is an affordable alternative to other systems which require a network infrastructure of wireless sensors to be hard-wired throughout a facility. Using it requires little training and it doesn’t jam cell phones (which is illegal, since it prohibits legal cell phone use).

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