Windows 7 SP1 beta appears on torrent sites

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Seriously? Is the need to be this “bleeding edge” so great that people feel the need to pirate BETA SERVICE PACKS?

Anyone feeling particularly frisky this morning? ‘Cause it doesn’t take too much work to find what is supposed to be Windows 7 SP1 beta as it’s appeared on numerous torrent sites. We hear it’s the real deal, too.

GeekSmack as a gaggle of screenshots for your perusal, but even that’s not enough to convince me to install it on my system. Windows 7 runs great as it is and I can wait for the official release even if SP1 promises an exclusive dancing unicorn background. But…maybe a few of you could install it and report back with your findings. It is supposed to have a new remote desktop client. Anyone? Here’s the official build string: 6.1.7601.16537.amd64fre.win7.100327-0053.

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