Teach Kids to Smile Through Electroshock

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If Ricardo Montalbán had this back in the day, he would not have had to have keep sayings “Smiles, everyone, smiles” every episodes. Its ok if you don’t get this.


Okay, the claims around this product seem dubious–and at present, the only proof of its existence is a site called NewsWeird.com. Still, probably worth a quick paragraph or two, right? The device is called “Electro Smile” (according to the image, it’s also known as “Pout No More.” Catchy).
 The idea is simple–and terrifying. Teach kids to smile through a constant electric current to their face. Your kids will smile or you get your money back–that's the Electro Smile guarantee. The only known side effect is a slight twitch, but let's face it, if you're the kind of parent who'd buy one of these, odds are your kids were already going to go through life with a facial tick anyway, right?

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