Pepper Mouth sits on your desk, sprays noxious fumes whenever you swear online

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I know people that would empty this in less than a day.

So they have these collars for dogs that spritz lemon juice or some weird smell in their face whenever they bark. They learn not to bark. Someone saw the opportunity there, but it turns out people aren’t really into buying stinky collars to put around their own necks. Luckily, so many of us are already leashed to our computers that it doesn’t matter — and so, a USB potty-mouth prevention device was born.

The Pepper Mouth sits on your desk, monitoring your input to the computer. When a bad word is typed (for shame!), it lights up for a moment, allowing you to retract the cuss, but if you won’t (or can’t), it releases the fumes. The inventor doesn’t really say what it smells like, but I can tell you this: it ain’t roses.

Charlie at Dvice suggests that this little guy be keyed not to swear words, but to writing cliches. Man, I agree. If they set up this thing to a reliable grammar check and it puffed up a stank-cloud every time you used the passive voice or failed to address a dangling participle, I would buy one for everyone on the team.

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