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Do not under any circumstances tell Pip about these. Remember the rule about Gremlins after midnight? I’m just saying.

Paper thin potato chips flavored with sea salt

With tricky terrain, Iceland has a difficult time growing bountiful produce. As we saw at the recent DesignMarch festival, the country’s creative community aims to change this with a wealth of new food products made from hearty crops like rhubarb or potatoes.

A great example of Icelandic ingenuity, budding design studio Björg í Bú recently launched Microchips—a paper thin potato chip that is simply baked, dried and flavored with sea salt.

Bjorg-i-bu-2.jpg bjorg-i-bu-3.jpg

Björg í Bú focuses on designing products with an emphasis on their unique Icelandic properties. A pure product of nature, the chips are made exclusively from Icelandic potatoes, grown in the country’s “uncontaminated and nutritious earth.”

BU-chips-4.jpg Bu-chips-5.jpg

Microchips are a clever alternative to classic crisps with packaging to match. They come housed in a small box that unfolds into a bowl, perfect for sharing. Once all the chips are consumed, the box’s interior graphics reveal intriguing facts (in both English and Icelandic) about potatoes and their significance to the country, all playfully placed around a map of Iceland.

Recently launched, Microchips are currently only available in select stores in Iceland.

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