Homeowners' associations: hives of petty authoritarianism

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Say it isn’t so! I’ve NEVER seen petty behavior among these organizations. 🙂

Academics may “fight so hard because the stakes are so low,” but housing association tinpot dictators fight hard over high stakes indeed: the power to run your neighbors’ lives down to the tiniest little detail. Here’s a collection of seven insane homeowners’ association rules, every one of them abusively applied, putting a lie to the old chestnut about not worrying about crazy rules because they’ll never be enforced.

1. Thou shalt not plant too many roses
A Rancho Santa Fe, California, homeowners’ association targeted Jeffery DeMarco for exceeding the prescribed number of rose bushes allowed on his four-acre property. When DeMarco balked, the HOA levied monthly fines, threatened foreclosure, and ultimately defeated DeMarco in court. After a judge ruled that the willful rose enthusiast had violated the community’s architecture design rules, DeMarco was forced to pay the HOA’s $70,000 legal bill — and lost his home to the bank.

Top 7 insane homeowners association rules

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