Help Build The World’s Largest Repository Of Laptop Repair Manuals

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Give the nerve-wracking nature of opening and servicing some laptops I’ve owned, I can’t tell you how much I approve of this idea.

Looking for a repair manual for your laptop? Odds are, you can find it on Tim’s website. Apparently for about the last year, Tim has been compiling ever single laptop repair manual he can find. And now he needs your help.

How can you help? Well, Tim needs donations. He’s gone as far as he can on his own, and sent out an appeal for help via Reddit. Apparently many of the manuals he doesn’t have yet require payment, which he is unable to pay for out of pocket. Nor should he be expected to either, to be honest. So if you need a repair manual, or you want to help Tim with his quest with a donation, jump over to his site and check it out.

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