FINALLY! A Flat Pack Mannequin

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Ok, you’re probably wondering how I stumbled on “flat pack mannequins”… and that’s none of your business, but I did figure one of my many sewing, tailoring and costuming friends would get a kick out of this space saving bit of cleverness.

Besides chuckling every time I see a naked mannequin, I wonder, “where the heck does anyone have room to keep those awkward things?” Industrial design hot house, Arash and Kelly Studio, saw the potential for improvement, so they developed ZiPP, a flat pack, zip-able mannequin that provides a low cost, no bulk solution for displaying items. The bust, waist, & full length figures are made of lightweight, semitransparent polypropelene; perfect for trade shows, new launches, or retail window displays.

Designer: Arash and Kelly Studio


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