Evidently, Barbie Digs Deforestation: Greenpeace Exposes Mattel for Using Unsustainable Packaging

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Ok, sure I know many folks have issues with various protest organization, but I have a particular soft spot for funny guerrilla protests.

mattel deforestation greenpeace photo
Photo courtesy of Greenpeace USA

Mattel is the nation’s largest and most iconic toy company, and the creator of perhaps the most famous and enduring toy in America: Barbie. Unfortunately, a new report from Greenpeace reveals that Mattel relies on packaging made from wood obtained in Indonesia’s threatened rainforests — which are home to a slew of endangered species like orangutans and tigers. The green group is urging the toymaker to stop using rainforest-derived packaging products, so in conjunction with releasin…Read the full story on TreeHugger

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