Ballard cafe boasts ‘The Slayer’ espresso machine

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Finally, a vampire free cafe with great espresso. I’m so there.

The Equal Exchange Espresso at the Ballard Market has a new espresso machine. We’re told that this isn’t just any espresso machine, this is “The Slayer,” one of only two in the Seattle area, although according to the Seattle Times a new coffee shop in the Bravern in Bellevue will be getting two in June.

They call it the “The Slayer” because it’s made by Slayer Espresso in Georgetown. “Customers keep on asking us what’s different? What’s new? What’s the big deal? What’s the big fuss?” Equal Exchange Espresso manager Alison Booth tells us. “The big advantage of this machine is that it allows you adjust the pressure while you’re pulling a shot, which gives you a lot more control over the quality and lets you extract as much of possible of the good flavor and as little as possible of the bad flavor,” Booth says. Last year, when Slayer released its first Seattle-area machine, the Seattle Times wrote, “The Slayer lets the water spend a little more time with the grounds, pulling a shot in 30 to 35 seconds — compared with 18 to 23 seconds for your average espresso machine.” This, Booth says, is what makes the coffee taste creamier, smoother and sweeter, “the water gently bathes the coffee.”

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