High Tech Greens Even the Blackest Thumb

While I’m no garden guru, I’m not as cursed as some folks I’ve seen. I have what is called a silicon thumb, so how could I not notice a device that brings as much technology as possible to bear on the otherwise natural practice of gardening? 🙂

It’s a device and a website that will simplify hydroponic gardening. You tell it about your setup and what plants you’re growing, and it provides you with a personalized growing plan that tells you how to achieve the best possible results. Sensors in your garden send readings to your account on the Bitponics website. The website then processes that information and sends notifications back to your device to control things such as pumps and lights. You can track your results and share your experiences with other users, so that we all help each other become better gardeners.

Bitponics is made up of two parts: a sensor device and your online account. Once you sign up, you enter in the details of what you’re growing and the type of hydroponic system you have. The next step is to generate a growing plan: Bitponics can either create one for you or you can create your own. The growing plan is the step-by-step roadmap for how to take care of your plants. It will tell you:

  • How many hours of light your plants need per day
  • When to change the lighting schedule
  • What pH range is safe for your plants
  • When to replace your nutrient solution
  • What balance of nutrients to use for each growing phase
  • How often to run your water pumps


The Bitponics device will collect readings from its sensors and log them to your online account. You can also manually log data and even upload photos to track progress. Whenever sensor data deviates too far from your growing plan’s recommendations, we’ll alert you to how to fix it. The device will initially ship with the following sensors:

  • Water & air temperature
  • Humidity
  • Brightness (to determine if your plants are receiving enough light)
  • pH (for measuring the acidity of the nutrient solution)

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