3D Composing and Printing for Android

Very exciting app that lowers the entry bar on 3D composing for 3D printing using the Android phone/tablet platform. Looks like they are doing a lot of the heavy lifting that is hard for beginning designers, but I hope they can also accommodate more advanced, manual techniques as a user gains skill and confidence.  Video after the cut.


The House 4 Hack is an initiative to bring together technology specialists and entrepreneurs in an informal setting.   The setting is a 400 m² house in Lyttleton Manor in Centurion and will be equiped with various prototyping tools. Further we plan to provide access to business mentorship, startup finance and training on a variety of topics.

We are trying to combine concepts from hackerspaces and innovation incubators in a way that hobbyists, folks stuck in corporations (read slavery) or want to take a break from your regular job can experiment with start-ups in a safe friendly environment.

Via House4Hack

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