HydroView Remote Underwater Vehicle With HD Camera

Always longed to film underwater video documentaries and research, but terrified of all the stuff down there just waiting to eat hapless humans?  AquaBotix is for you.  Video after the cut.

aquabotix hydroview 500x310 Aquabotix HydroView will take amazing underwater videos

Affordable and fun, this remote controlled underwater vehicle can record live video and capture photos in HD, streaming them to your iPad and allowing you to share with family and friends.

The vehicle includes the following:

  • LED lights.
  • HD camera.
  • Standard 75 foot cable.
  • Waterproof carrying case.
  • Topside box which produces vehicles Wi-Fi.
  • Free download of the application to use on your iPad, PC or MAC computer.


See the underwater world in an innovative way—whether it’s searching for lost valuables, studying marine life, checking water depths or inspecting under your boat. Stay dry and safe from topside while recording videos and snapping photos to upload and share on social media sites.

HydroView Tech Specs


Range 75 ft. Cable (standard)
150 ft. Cable (optional)
300 ft. Cable (optional)
Depth 150 ft. cable dependent
Speed Forward 5 kts.
Reverse 1 kts.
Battery Run Time 2 hours
Battery Recharge Time 16 hours
Lights Headlights (standard)
Optional Accessories Hovering Control (optional)
Deluxe Pontoon Lights (optional)
Extended Battery (optional)
Cable Weight 1.5 lb. Per 50 ft.
Operational Voltage 10 vdc
Color Safety Orange & Black
Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions Width: 14.6 in
Length: 19 in.
Height: 7 in.

Via AquaBotix



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