Move Over Sugar Skulls, Chocolate is Here!

With the prevalence of goth-glam-swag, it’s no surprise that the skull motif is everywhere. It is a bit surprising that people are so enthused about eating it. Enterprising people have created skulls from almost every type of edible. We’ve scoured the interwebs and pulled together the top five best and worst examples of chowable craniums for your viewing pleasure. Best first, of course:

Chocolate Skulls

Marina Malvada makes chocolate skulls using a mould cast from an actual human skull. She uses “bone chocolate,” her signature blend of Belgian white and milk chocolates, to get that just-pulled-from-the-crypt look. The process takes about three weeks from start to finish. You can own one, if you like, just pop over to her siteand order it. It’s just past Valentine’s, but maybe Easter?

Gummy Skulls

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