Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this allowed by Google?
A: Yes, Google allows ads from different AdSense accounts to appear on a page as long as A) Each AdSense is unique, not a variation of a single user and B) As long as the maximum number of ads on the page are still observed.

Q: Do I have to give Did Ya See any Google or financial logins, passwords or account information?
A: No! Did Ya See will never require your private Google or financial credentials. The only information we require is your PUBLIC AdSense ID, your PUBLIC news feed URL and an email address you can be reached at for verification and notifications.

Q: How can I tell you are showing my ads?
A: Once you have been approved and your articles/posts are appearing on the site, you can select “view page source” in your web browser and search for your Google AdSense publisher ID. Ad placement is randomly split 50/50 with each page load, so the location and number of ads under your ID may vary from visit to visit. Your ads ONLY appear on pages authored/submitted by you, NOT on the main page, search boxes or documentation pages.

Q: How can I tell how much I’ve made?
A: Google AdSense updates 24 hours after real time, meaning you can view your earnings 24 hours AFTER Google has tabulated all legitimate clicks. Do NOT click your own ads to test Google AdSense. If you believe your Google AdSense is not working, please contact us and we can help coordinate a resolution.

Q: I don’t see ANY ads on my articles?
A: Are you using an Ad-Blocker on your computer or network? Add DidYaSee.com and Google.com to your “white list” to allow ads on this site, served by Google to appear.

Q: Do you carry other ads?
A: No, we only host Google ads because of the high standards Google maintains in terms of quality, content and non-invasive advertising.

Q: When do I get paid?
A: Google pays AdSense earning once a month if you have earned at least $100.00 in revenues. Amounts under $100 roll over to the next month; nothing is lost. When you set up a Google AdSense account Google will ask you how you would like to be paid and make a small test deposit to your account.

Q: How do I get started?
A: Take a look at our two getting started guides: How To Get Started With Google AdSense and How To Get Started With DidYaSee.

Q: I just see green boxes or a generic ads on the web site, what’s going on?
A: Google tries to index ads based on the content of your article. Sometimes this process can take a while. During that period while Google finds ads that best match your article, they may send no ad or very generic ads. This will change after a period of time, and you will see new ads with future page loads.


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