Star Wars Galaxies; Science Fiction Dioramas

Etsy artist, Tony Larson crafts these tiny wonders inspired by the science fiction classic, Star Wars.  Each is handmade and has no live elements, so no care is required, allowing you to bring a tiny Endor, Tattoine, Dagoba or other fantastic setting into your home or work place. If the great trilogy isn’t to your taste, Tony offers other themes as well.


R2D2 on Tatooine - Star Wars Terrarium World

Relive the adventure of your favorite Star Wars scene with this terrarium world!  On his mission to help Princess Leah, the adorable astro-droid R2D2 hides from the pesky Jawas on the desert planet Tatooine. The scene is enclosed in a 7″ tall glass terrarium.  Features an R2D2 figure and rocky desert terrain.

Yoda Terrarium - Hanging Moss Zen Garden - Star Wars / Empire Strikes Back


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