Aquatic Robo-Crab Surfaces

Well, it was fun running the planet folks, but our robo-crab overlords have risen from the deep and our time is over. Did I mention there is a video?

crabster 4

Designed at the Korean Institute of Ocean Science and Technology (KIOST) with help from five South Korean universities, the Crabster CR200 as its officially known was aimed at overcoming the challenges posed by strong tidal currents in shallow waters.

Propellor-equipped ROVs and automatous underwater vehicles are adept at swift movements and deep diving, but the technology doesn’t bode well in rough conditions. Current tidal strengths of 1.5 meters per second are enough to rip the scuba mask off a human explorer.

The Crabster is still in the testing phase. After the research team, led by Bong-Huan Jun of KIOST, experimented on land to ensure the robot was watertight and its systems were fully functional, the Crabster took its first successful dive at KIOST’s South Sea Research Institute in Geoje City, South Korea. The test dive gathered results on the Crabster’s real-time capabilities and presented points of potential improvement. The team hopes to take it on its first full-blown exploration mission next year, with sights set on an unexplored, submerged ship enveloped in aggressive waters.



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