All Aboard The Tent Train

I’m not sure this particular tent would suit your next backcountry hike or expedition, but it might be just the thing for a camp over music festival or themed event.  Also, its just plain cool.

London Underground Tube Tent

Considering the imminent arrival of armies of hyper-active athletes, and rampaging hordes of tourists for a certain upcoming sporting event, it’s a great time to think aboutgetting out of town. But forget long bus rides, overpriced airfares and dingy hotel rooms; because in a surprising twist TFF (Transport for Firebox) has arranged for you to take the tube to your next vacation.

fit a lot of people in there

Product Features:

  • Modelled on a Northern Line carriage
  • 7 zip-separated compartments
  • 2 side doors and a drivers door
  • Doors open, just like on the original
  • Fly sheet doors separate inner compartments
  • Officially licensed

Technical Specifications:

  • Waterproof groundsheet is sewn into the inside of tent
  • Sleeps 16 adults


  • Measures approximately 250cm(W) x 1550cm(L) x 190cm(H)
  • Standing room for approximately 72 adults


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