Banana Wet Floor Signs

I have no idea if these are real. I have no idea where you can get them.  I only only know that 1) they should, 2) I want them.

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Life Sized TARDIS Stand-Up

Bear with me, I know $225 is a lot to pay for a practical joke, but with a life-sized TARDIS stand-up you can sneak it in to places, play the sound effect over your phone/bluetooth speaker and beam with your smuggest smile as bystanders are amazed at your Timelord-ish appearance.

Doctor Who Box

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Humiliate Your Pet, Star Wars Style

If ever there was canine justification for tearing up furniture, peeing in slippers and stealing food, this may be it.

Star Wars Dog

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For The Truly Dedicated Outdoor Lounger

For some people a folding chair will simply not do. They need an “outdoor lounging ecosystem”. Well, your needs may have been met.


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Man Soap! Because Real Men Smell Like… “Stuff”

I’m not entirely sold on Bacon and Urinal Mint, but some of the others might acceptable.  In any case, novelty gifts make great stocking stuffers and the “gifting season” is only 11 months away!


“Aren’t you sick of being forced to use all those girly scented soaps? I mean come on, you’re a man. You shouldn’t be smelling like citrus or lavender or apricot. Leave the girly scents for the fairer sex. Guys should be using Man Soap.”

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