FishHunter Sonar, Get All NSA on Those Fish

Invading the murky aquatic depths to spy on your citizens, I mean, fishy quarry.

fishhunter e1391548757247 FishHunter Sonar   portable sonar device makes it easier to fish with your phone

FishHunter is a military grade sonar transducer made to work with the world’s most evolved fishing app on your Android or iPhone device. The game of fishing has changed.

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La Philie “Ant” Plates, Teapots and Cups

This strikingly realistic “ant-ware” by La Philie would probably give even the most ardent tea lover pause… and yet, I still like them.  🙂


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IKEA Enters Small Business Space… With Lemonade Stand

Those flatpack ninjas help your young entrepeneur set up their sidewalk startup.

Encourages role play which helps children to develop social skills by imitating grown-ups and inventing their own roles. Via IKEA

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Nightstand Home Defense System

Sure, you could just have a baseball bat and trashcan lid beside the bed, but you can do so, very much better…

Sadly it appears to have been discontinued at the original seller.  Still, might be a great DIY project for woodworkers.



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Crystal Skull Door Knobs

Setting aside the infamous curse of the crystal skull and a truly awful Indianna Jones movie… you have have a crystal skull on your door! Did I mention it lights up when you touch it?

Krystal Touch of NY Inc. exclusive collection of custom crafted crystal door knobs goes a step above the rest. With well etched unique designs and features interchangeable crystal knobs. Battery powered smart sensory LED lighting upon touch activation will provide a more safe passage way to darken areas. Engineered brass base hardware for tough long lasting durability available in various finishes measured to fit all …
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