Bright, Bold, Brilliant Furniture from Weamo

I love the bold colors and clear lines of these designs. I don’t think these need to be limited to children’s furniture though. I can see these as being fun break down or even flatpack potential for patios and recreation or just hip decor.

Weamo Kids Furniture

Weamo is a UK-based children’s furniture company whose products are made with FSC-certified wood and colorfully painted. I especially love the little desk.

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NoClean Aquariums™ – Self-Cleaning Aquarium for Betta Fish!

NoClean Aquariums™… the Fastest, Easiest, Mess-Free &FUN way to have an Aquarium!

People love aquariums because of their soothing, natural beauty. They make a stunning addition to any home or office and are great for kids. The only drawback is the cleaning. It’s a dirty, messy time consuming chore.

So we set out to design an aquarium that breaks down these barriers so anyone can have a beautiful, fun-to-watch aquarium without the hassles.

Introducing the NoClean Desktop Aquarium. The fastest, easiest, mess-free and fun way to have an aquarium! It’s self-cleaning, eco-friendly (no electricity or filters) and only takes …
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Elevated Tiny Housing

Mystech:  Cute tiny house. Elevated platform good for floods and zombies.

© Olson Kundig Architects/ Benjamin Benschneider

Three years ago I called Tom Kundig TreeHugger’s first Best of Green Architect of the year, saying:

There shouldn’t be any such thing as "green architecture"–it should be built into every building and taken for granted. It should be standard operating procedure. Whenever we show the work of Tom Kundig, we are asked, "Why is this green?" I think it is when it does the right thing without hitting you over the head.

It was a controversial choice, given that we are …
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Jamesburg Earth Station sale: ‘Great place for armageddon’

Mystech: I really, really, really need about $3 million USD (let’s make it a cool $4 million just to cover additional expenses).

Ever wanted your own nuclear bomb-proof space station on the Central Coast? You’re in luck.

The Jamesburg Earth Station in Carmel Valley is for sale, and could be yours for a cool $2,950,000.


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Modern Sheepwagon

Shared by Mystech

The picture of the border collie in the window just kills me. Anyhow, step above the hobby vardo.

This beautiful custom sheep wagon by Wizard Wagonworks is based on the original “sheep camp” of the 1880′s with a modern twist. It is designed for both highway and off-road use as well as for durability, comfort and ease of maintenance. Kenny Harris of Wizard wagonworks is in the cabinetry business and built two of these sheep wagons according to a customer’s specifications. One is now being sold for $60,000, but Kenny can build any custom sheep wagon for …
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