Wild Chameleon Vision Goggles

Finally, goggles for the hot new fashion trend… ReptilePunk.

See the world like a chameleon using these unique goggles. Rotate the eyes to see in multiple directions and even see behind you using the hidden side mirrors. Features an adjustable strap.

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These Are Probably the Yoga Pants You Are Looking For

Now that yoga pants seem to have completely supplanted other jogging/athletic wear (looking forward to seeing currently generations wearing them in retirement), these were probably inevitable.

Sometimes we feel like we understand R2’s bleeps and bloops better than we understand the machines we use during workouts. METS? Aren’t they a baseball team? Shouldn’t that be on the TV and not the elliptical machine? And SPM, which we like to think of as SPUTUM. Also, the Heart Rate Monitor just told us we were dead.

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Keysmart, A Switchblade Key Organizer

Still no good solution for my bulky “chipped” keys, but I do love what these folks are doing for regular keys.  Check out the accessories too.


KeySmart will fit almost any flat key. The posts are 4mm in diameter.  We don’t recommend putting large, plastic covered car keys inside the KeySmart because they do not glide easily.  These keys can be attached to the loop piece that comes with each KeySmart.

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Banana Filing Turned on Its Head

Banana filing is not that uncommon; filling a treat, pastry or something with banana, banana cream or whatnot, but this turns the concept around.  Through a the strange sorcery of banana “coring” and injections, you can fill your “boring” banana with all manner of (probably less than healthy) filings.  Translation is a bonus.

8-10-2014 12-19-04 PM

DestapaBanana has a rich story that transformed a simple banana into a dessert with infinite flavors. That’s what makes this story so long and absorbingly interesting.

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Snore Activated Nudging Pillow

I am only posting this for the sake of discussion. I am not suggesting that me, or anyone in my bed, needs this at all. Honestly. 🙂


This is the pillow that detects snoring and “nudges” a sleeper into shifting positions without the need for spousal intervention. The pillow’s integrated microphone picks up the sonic vibrations of snoring, automatically inflating an internal air bladder that increases the pillow’s depth by 3″—just enough movement to roust a sleeper into moving head or body position.

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