The Scruba, An Ultralight Washing Solution

This little wonder really belongs in your long-hike pack, extended disaster preparedness kit, boat, camper or RV.  The ability to wash clothes is an often underestimated morale booster and hygiene factor that can make a huge difference. Video after the cut.

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Whether you are trekking, camping, on a cruise or on a business trip, the Scrubba™ wash bag is the best way to wash clothes while traveling.  Lightweight and compact, the Scrubba™ wash bag requires no power or electricity and allows you to wash clothes for free. The secret is on the inside – the Scrubba™ wash bag’s unique highly …
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Bra Wash Bag

I have been thoroughly educated by a lifetime of family and girlfriend about the perils of just throwing bras in with the rest of the wash/drying, so where they heck was this when it was my turn to do the laundry?

Hook the fastens on my bra together to keep the hooks from catching on things, put two bras in the wash bag throw them in the washing machine on the delicate cycle, and they come out fresh and clean and ready to hang dry. These little gadgets have doubled the life of bras.

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Emergency or Camping Clothes Washing Kit

Nice clothes washing kit that would be a nice, no-power addition to a long-term emergency or preparedness set up.  Can also see it being a great addition to a base-camp for hikers, cabins or hunters.

NOTE: You could store two 5-gallon buckets, stack one inside of the other. Use one bucket for the soapy water and the other for the rinse water. You may be able to wash and rinse a couple of batches of clothes without changing the soapy water depending on how dirty the clothes are.

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Ultralight, Ultraportable Clothes Washing Solution

Billed as the evolution of a solution for washing small loads of clothes for the world traveler (and in this case we mean those folks that really put feet to the ground in remote areas), the Scrubba Washbag is a minimalist, super light bag with integrated washboard.  The inventors are raising funds on IndieGoGo and looks like they’ve already blown past their goal.  In my neck of the woods, one these might be an awesome addition to the gear list for a long distance hiker (Appalachian Trail, Pacific Coast Trail, etc).

The Scrubba wash bag will be a must-have item …
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