Clever Low Tech Shadow in the Woods Game

I adore the vintage, simplicity and, frankly, creepy charm of this game.

Shadows in the Woods – Deluxe by Kraul is a board game with a difference, possessing elements of hide and seek, and based on principles of co-operation. It is an atmospheric game to be played in a darkened room, as the dwarves try to remain in the shadows of the trees. The magical power threatening the dwarves is represented by a tealight.

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Bracelet Crafted from Vintage Letter Type Stamps

Whether you’re fun a fan of quirky jewelry, or you trying to make a hip statement about typography (I don’t know, maybe you’re a designer or something, grin), this is a neat bit creation Bunnyade.

Vintage Letterpress Bracelet - Metal Type - Various letters

These 22 unique pieces of metal type have been cleaned of the sticky ink, polished and varnished to enhance its rich patina and wear. The type has flaws and marks in the metal from the printing process. It has been drilled and attached to an elastic band with metal spring beads. It’s industrial and delicate.

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Vintage Face Shields For Helmets

Looking to add a little “moon man” vibe to your motorcycle, scooter or bicycle helmet?

Ok, technically they are vintage bubble shields, but I like my explanation better.

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