Tiny Trailer Vacations in Oregon

Ever wondered if you could live the “tiny home movement”?  This seems like a great way to find out while getting in some low key vacation time as well.

kitchen of green vintage trailer

We are Pamela Adler and Sally Paterson from Bend, Oregon and we share a passion for horses, vintage travel trailers and of course, vintage and antique goodies. The result, as we combined our passions, is the birth of Cowgirl Cabins..Vintage Trailer Rentals. We welcome you to follow along on our entrepreneurial journey!

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Modular Panel System Let’s You Build Custom Living Structures & Campers

Corner pieces combined with wall segments that can be extended/repeated as much as you like, allow you to build larger structures or expand existing ones. Even non-traditional shapes with bends and twists. Combine with pop-up options and you get some amazing flexibility in layout for mobiles/campers or portable living structures. Video after the cut.

This tough rotationally molded polyethylene panel is injected with insulating foam and includes a sturdy tie down ring on both the inside and outside. Threaded anchor inserts are molded in for mounting furnishings.

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Mini Tow-able Trailer by Knaus, The Schwalbennest

Super cute micro-trailers for towing.  And since these are “European” sized, it means that the average American vehicle can tow half a dozen of them!  Kind of like a highway based railroad train.  Ok, not safely, but it is an amusing image.

This trailer was originally built in 1961 by the German trailer company, Knaus. For its 50th anniversary, Knaus is selling the redesigned Schwalbennest in a limited edition retro design.

The diminutive trailer is just over 12 feet long and about 7 feet high. It weighs about 1,245 lbs. and has a maximum load capacity of about 400 lbs. …
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