Is There Anything Vardos Don’t Make Cooler?

No matter the form, roulottes gitanes, gypsy caravans, vardos, sheep wagons or whatnot, you have to admit these are beautifully designed and decorated.  There is even a sort of modern take on the vardo with the revival of the teardrop trailer culture.

George's Vardo

vardo is a traditional horse-drawn wagon used by British Romani people (Gypsies). The design of the vardo included large wheels running outside the body of the van, which slopes outwards considerably towards the eaves.

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Adorable Wedge Cabin, Cozy Tiny House Living

Once again my love of tiny housing has been tweaked. I’m endlessly intrigued by the clever use of space, practical layouts and efficient lifestyle they encourage.

The “Wedge” design features an angled roof, which starts low above the bedroom and builds to 17 feet in the living room. Trapezoidal windows grow similarly from back to front, offering natural light while maintaining privacy. The front of the cabin is almost entirely glass. A large sliding glass door opens to a private deck.

Each cabin has one bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen/living room and a private deck. The ceilings and exterior are …
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Lush Miniature Homes That Will Make You Believe Less Is More

These incredible prefabs combine two of my favorite things, clever design and efficient/minimal living spaces.

© Sustain

One of the great promises of prefabrication was that it would more like industrial design than architecture; because of the repetition, every iteration would get better and cheaper as designers and manufacturers moved down the learning curve. Having followed the Sustain Minihome since it was first introduced in 2005, I have watched it evolve and change, and it is finally really hitting its stride with its new CaliMini Series shown on Jetson Green recently.

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Mini Tow-able Trailer by Knaus, The Schwalbennest

Super cute micro-trailers for towing.  And since these are “European” sized, it means that the average American vehicle can tow half a dozen of them!  Kind of like a highway based railroad train.  Ok, not safely, but it is an amusing image.

This trailer was originally built in 1961 by the German trailer company, Knaus. For its 50th anniversary, Knaus is selling the redesigned Schwalbennest in a limited edition retro design.

The diminutive trailer is just over 12 feet long and about 7 feet high. It weighs about 1,245 lbs. and has a maximum load capacity of about 400 lbs. …
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