Modernized Houseboat Cuts No Corners

Let’s face it, the “live board” culture is probably the closest analogy to the “tiny living” movement that has exploded over the last few years, even if the later did not descend from it.  Still, there is a lot to be learned from live boards, and this lovely modern style houseboat is probably a good place to get inspiration and wonder from.

Thesayboat Modern Houseboat in architecture  Category

“The houseboat built with a clear vision which can be summarized in Corbusier’s assertion that “human habitation should be a cell with a view of the star”.

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Minimalist Floating Cabin

I love the use of wood and the simple symmetry of this floating cabin.  Not entirely sure about the shingled design or the below waterline windows, but I can definitely get behind the concept in general.  An aquatic retreat.

The project basically features is a floating catamaran suite including four places to sleep, two terraces for relaxing, and a crow’s nest to spot birds. The floating catamaran suite aims to lure a broader target group to nature and to help them understand the beauty and importance of nature and the protection hereof.

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Modular Panel System Let’s You Build Custom Living Structures & Campers

Corner pieces combined with wall segments that can be extended/repeated as much as you like, allow you to build larger structures or expand existing ones. Even non-traditional shapes with bends and twists. Combine with pop-up options and you get some amazing flexibility in layout for mobiles/campers or portable living structures. Video after the cut.

This tough rotationally molded polyethylene panel is injected with insulating foam and includes a sturdy tie down ring on both the inside and outside. Threaded anchor inserts are molded in for mounting furnishings.

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Gorgeous Sarasota Bay Guest House

Guest house? Frankly, I wouldn’t mind living there full time, primary residence.  Ok, so I lean towards the tiny house trend a bit more than most, but you have to admit that is one gorgeous space, inside and out.

The guest residence, located on a barrier island, is set within a mature oak hammock along Sarasota Bay. The structure is inspired by the character of the live oaks, which have been shaped by the prevailing coastal winds from the west.

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Space Saving Under Counter Knife Rack Idea

Big fan of efficient usage of space, not to mention the tiny house movement, so I was delighted to see Local Kitchen’s clever solution (which seems so darn obvious in hindsight). As a bonus, keeps knives that much farther from tiny hands that might get into trouble otherwise.

Living in one room is wonderful, especially in a small space, because it is so open that it doesn’t feel small, but it does cut way down on available wall space. Because you don’t have many walls, you see. The available wall space in the kitchen, that is not covered with lovely …
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