Hideous But Ingenius IKEA Hacked Desk

I’m pretty sure my partner would banish this stainless steel behemoth from our home if I attempted it, but you do have to hand it to the person for a very clever solution.

I had to surrender my home office to make room for my new baby boy 😉 I took an Ikea stainless steel kitchen “work table”, some Ikea computer tower desk trays, two steel tabletops, and two grated steel shelves to make an “office” that I could pack away into a closet.

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Diamond Shaped Corner Shelves

Reclaim some corner space for books, knick-knacks or supplies while adding a touch of style.  Video after the cut.

Founded in Spring 2011, Core Deco aims to create unique functional design objects and furniture for residential spaces. Conceptualized by graphic artist Matt W. Moore and built by master woodcrafter Erik Flanagan, the Diamond corner shelving system makes way for dynamic shadow play, which depends on the light source. The 5-level shelf in the shape of a diamond would add grace to any corner of your living room. A work of art, the Diamond corner bookshelf offers enough storage space for …
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Toolbox Space Saving Socket Wrench

I love the cleverness of this design.  Storing the extra sockets and ratchet heads in the handle reduces the need for a bulky external case (which inevitable gets lost) and lets you have several sizes quickly at hand while working on a project.

The ReadyTools series keeps all the components in the handle of the tool and a nifty pull-out tray keeps them organized and tucked safely away until the next time you need them. In regular wrench and socket wrench versions, they’re also a great way to save space or take on the move.

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Space Saving Under Counter Knife Rack Idea

Big fan of efficient usage of space, not to mention the tiny house movement, so I was delighted to see Local Kitchen’s clever solution (which seems so darn obvious in hindsight). As a bonus, keeps knives that much farther from tiny hands that might get into trouble otherwise.

Living in one room is wonderful, especially in a small space, because it is so open that it doesn’t feel small, but it does cut way down on available wall space. Because you don’t have many walls, you see. The available wall space in the kitchen, that is not covered with lovely …
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