Rechargeable Solar Light Fixture Eliminates Dependence on Dirty Kerosene

Large segments of the world still depend on dirty and dangerous fuels such as kerosene for their primarily lighting needs.  The Nokero (short for No Kerosene) hopes to address that by providing safe, reliable and renewable lighting alternatives.  I wouldn’t mind owning a couple of these for sheds, patios, car and camping.

Nokero N200 Solar Light Bulb Lantern. About the size of a typical lightbulb, weighing just 3.2 ounces, this is a practical lighting solution for camp. Enjoy the outdoors at night in style. Get an extra 6+ hours of light camping, hunting, or during an emergency. The Nokero N200 …
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Self Contained Solar Cooking Kit For Disaster Relief

Very impressive self contained designed for a solar cooker (and water purifier) with accompanying rations.  Although it seems primarily intended for disaster relief and emergencies, I could see this being a nice addition to an off the grid scenario.  Additional images, information and video after the cut.

As the disaster occur frequently, solving the question of disaster victims’ care and livelihood is government’s most important work. But withdrawing the disaster victims from the disaster areas or investing the ready-made commodity in the areas is the futile continually vast project. In the disaster areas waiting for rescue and reconstruction, the disaster …
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Sunflower Home Heliostat

Unfortunately, they do not provide any information on how to combine this with a fresnel lens to repel squirrels.

The Sunflower Home Heliostat is the first affordable heliostat designed for ease of use for the homeowner. It is fully solar powered with a stand-alone design. Just set it up and aim it at your selected target to add pleasing natural light. There is no need for computer or network connections. The Sunflower’s break-through design offers easy set-up and low maintenance. It requires only a Phillips head screw driver to assemble.

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