Transparent “Glass” Potato Chips

The new favorite snack food of sideshow performers and certain fringe religious groups?  Nothing quite that dangerous, but instead a clever bit of molecular gastronomy involving potato stock, potato starch, and a slow-dried gel.

Glass Potato Chips

Potato chips are boring. Every time I wander the chip aisle of the grocery store, there is some supposedly new twist on the potato chip. Classic. Jalapeno. Terra Blue. Vinegar and salt. Vidalia onion. Ranch. Whatever. Most are a disappointment. Why couldn’t the potato chip be beautiful? A work of art? An architectural design element?

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Move Over Kale, Lentil Chips Are Here

In the on-going saga of “what can we make into chips other than corn and potatoes”, I offer you Lentil Chips. That’s “crisps” for our British readers and hardcore Doctor Who fans.

All of our Lentil Chip flavors are designed to complement the wonderful natural flavor of the lentil. The Bruschetta flavor combines the great tastes of the Mediterranean by adding the authentic flavors of Italy to the Middle Eastern inspiration of the lentil. You will instantly recognize the taste of tomato, which will quickly be followed by the freshness of basil. With a flavor that calls to mind …
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