Arcade Era Inspired Bookshelf

I’m not sure I’d trust a barrel-hurling ape to decorate my home, but then again, we are talking enormous nostalgic geek cred here.

Donkey Kong Inspired Wall Shelving by Igor Chak

Chak explains, “I started to wonder… what happens to all those video game props when games become old….do they get stored away in a digital world or do they fade away with time? The famous steel beams from Donkey Kong have served their time but I could not pass by such an ingenious design…”

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Diamond Shaped Corner Shelves

Reclaim some corner space for books, knick-knacks or supplies while adding a touch of style.  Video after the cut.

Founded in Spring 2011, Core Deco aims to create unique functional design objects and furniture for residential spaces. Conceptualized by graphic artist Matt W. Moore and built by master woodcrafter Erik Flanagan, the Diamond corner shelving system makes way for dynamic shadow play, which depends on the light source. The 5-level shelf in the shape of a diamond would add grace to any corner of your living room. A work of art, the Diamond corner bookshelf offers enough storage space for …
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Folding Minimalist Nightstand

I’d love one of these to keep my essentials at hand. It’s work great on my otherwise profile-less MALM.  My only fears is the roving, chewing machine (aka dog).

Urban Shelf Urban Shelf was built for small spaces

Whether you’re in a dorm room, a first apartment, or a starter home, we know you’ve experienced life in a small space. (And how that small space gets even smaller once our board game collection moves in… and the bookcases get stocked…) All we need is a tiny shelf next to our bed to hold our e-reader, phone, and glasses. It would be awesome if this shelf also held our cords …
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Tree Themed Shelf

Clever and whimsical shelf that brings the fractal branching of a tree into furniture design. Perhaps not the most practical use of space, but it is hard not to like the fantastic approach to vertical storage.


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