Pleasing Polyhedral Pod

More of a studio or backyard “escape pod” than a mini-house, Manuel Villa’s work of garden geometry is a touch of coziness in a get-away.


For those who want a home away from home, but on a budget, consider the “Habitable Polyhedron”, a small geometric pod that’s a small private getaway from domestic life. The project was built for clients with young children as a secondary, “doll-house” structure situated adjacent to their suburban home just outside of Bogota. Tucked away in a garden several yards away from the main house, the shed offers a cozy retreat where the family …
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I’m not sure if they are clever, geometric storage, work and relaxation pods… or if they are alien artifacts that will trigger sapience among proto-human hominids.

Tetra Shed

Coming early 2012,  tetra shed®  is a new modular building system which, as a single module, has been designed to be a modern garden office. A double module layout has also been designed to create a larger office for larger gardens.

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