Simple Electric Motor From Magnets

I’ve seen several of these simple magnetic motors over the years and even built a few myself.  The range from the classic type (similar to the one below) to more exotic ones using spiraling wire or screws.  This the first time I’ve seen on made of “bucky ball” magnets.  And as we all know, magnets make everything better. 😉

Video after the cut.

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Chemistry in the Cultured Laboratory

All joking aside, porcelain is actually very non-reactive.  Not suitable for all reactions, but I think these would suitably bemuse scientists and non-scientists alike.

I am totally enchanted by this beautiful Chemicus set. Designed as a service set for Russian chemists/patriots and adorning the a traditional Gzhel pattern, the repurposed laboratory test tubes and beakers set reminds me of the other chemical reactions that took place in our school Chemistry Lab. Don’t worries dears…I don’t kiss and tell!

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