Bucket Lights Bring Instant Greenspace

It is amazing the effect even a few office plants can have to a workspace, so I was delighted to see this clever solution from Roderick Vos. The greener, the merrier, I say.

Roderick Vos

On my opinion the presence of plants bring a positive change to the working environment. Moreover, plants have a positive effect on the sense of wellbeing. Tropical plants emit oxygen, clean the air and increase productivity.

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Mind Blowing Modular Chairs and Sofas

I love everything about these; the colors, the geometry and flexibility. Its the sort of furniture that makes you want to build a building AROUND.

PLOT / Brunner

PLOT is a spatial seating landscape for a very wide range of use. Inspired by cascaded formations in nature, it provides multiple sitting positions. The unique way of connecting and arranging the identical modules makes it the perfect solution for any space or situation, be it an university setting, a hotel lobby or an airport. By positioning the elements either conventionally or more loosely they always fit perfectly to their surroundings.

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I’m not sure if they are clever, geometric storage, work and relaxation pods… or if they are alien artifacts that will trigger sapience among proto-human hominids.

Tetra Shed

Coming early 2012,  tetra shed®  is a new modular building system which, as a single module, has been designed to be a modern garden office. A double module layout has also been designed to create a larger office for larger gardens.

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Compact Travel Toothbruth With USB Powered Sterilizer

Yes, I would totally buy this device.  I hate it when I can’t brush at work after lunch, but the idea of a toothbrush festering in my desk drawer or laptop bag is pretty disturbing as well.

To be a hundred percent safe that you don’t pick up the bad bacteria from the effects of flushing in the loo, many doctors recommend sterilizing toothbrushes on a regular basis. Fitting the bill is the In & Out Toothbrush, a brush that is easy to travel with and use. The mechanism recharges via a USB port and has a protective cap with …
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Wheels of Office War Turn with the Trebuchet Business Card

While it is far from the first office siege machine, it can’t hurt to keep abreast of developments in office warcraft. Video after the cut.

The Trebucard is a gravity powered catapult known as a trebuchet. It uses the weight of 16 pennies to fling a ‘jumbo’ size paperclip a distance of around 8-10 feet. It can fold up to the size of a standard business card (2″ x 3.5″) when not in use. The basic design differs from a typical trebuchet because it pivots on the surface it is resting on rather than a frame, but it operates on …
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