Modular Furniture Seating Solutions

With only a few less configurations than Legos, the Kokuyo system by Nendo will give even the most fickle redecorators busy creating numerous solutions for modern seating.

Bracket: A High Back Sofa System by nendo for KOKUYO in home furnishings  Category

Design studio Nendo has crafted a unique sofa system for KOKUYO, complete with high backs, that gives individuals and groups a place for privacy in an office environment. Named Brackets, the seating is meant to “bracket” whoever is sitting, like parentheses.

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Flatpack EVERTHING With PLY90 Brackets

I’m a big fan of flatpack and furniture that can be easily broken down or reconfigured.  These little things look like a great way to make your own with nearly infinite variety.  Chalk this one up as one of those “Why didn’t someone make these before?”

End table (16)

Making your own furniture can be considered an art, we suppose. Heck, we sometimes wonder how good Jesus was… But that’s a question for another day. The point is, making tables and chairs and things is fairly hard, yo. You have to measure right, angle cuts precisely, and do a number of fairly complex …
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Modular Furniture Concepts from 608 Design

I love the clean lines and versatile designs.

Versatile Convertible Seating from 608 Design

Evan Bare is at the helm of the Toronto-based 608 Design where he designs and builds a collection of environmentally conscious upholstered seating. The line is made so that the pieces can be taken apart for transportation, as well as making it easy to have the parts replaced if need be. One of the coolest aspects though is the incorporated storage that the pieces have

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Sleek Futuristic Transforming Decor

My weakness for “stuff that turns into other stuff” is no secret, but even I think this might be too much. Still, the irregular lines, clean design and sheer ingenuity are hard to resist.

Boxetti collection is driven by three basic design principles – functionality, advanced technologies and contemporary aesthetics of minimalism. Each of Boxetti modules is designed to achieve maximum efficiency of particular demands for functionality and suitability.

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Modular Panel System Let’s You Build Custom Living Structures & Campers

Corner pieces combined with wall segments that can be extended/repeated as much as you like, allow you to build larger structures or expand existing ones. Even non-traditional shapes with bends and twists. Combine with pop-up options and you get some amazing flexibility in layout for mobiles/campers or portable living structures. Video after the cut.

This tough rotationally molded polyethylene panel is injected with insulating foam and includes a sturdy tie down ring on both the inside and outside. Threaded anchor inserts are molded in for mounting furnishings.

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