Tiny Puzzle Boxes Crafted From Real Acorns

While not quite Queen Mab’s hazelnut chariot, I’ll bet all manner of clever and coolness could be concealed inside of Jonathan Wolfe’s acorn boxes.  What would you put in yours? Video after the cut.

Awesome little puzzle boxes from acorns. There are four shown in the video: one pair consisting of a smaller hinged acorn that nests, matryoshka-style, inside a larger one with a wire spring latch; a larger, locking nut that is opened by removing a small pin; and, finally, a large hinged version that is unlatched by knocking it against a surface from a certain angle.

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Combination Bike Pedal and Locks

With cycling becoming more and more popular, bike theft has also been on the rise. I’ve never lived in a major city where at least one person I know personally hasn’t had a bike stolen. I love the idea of combining the function of security into the existing form of the bike. Being able to retrofit existing bikes with standardized pedals is a major plus too.

I am sure you agree with me that prevention is better than cure. Therefore prevention of theft is better than hunting down stolen property. Based on this application we have a bicycle lock that …
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