Lego Insect Evolution

I always preferred the “freeform” Lego sets more than the “kits”, but these insect hacks made from all sort of specialized parts and techniques are very impressive.


Lots of inspiration was taken from various builders as battle bugs and lego insects have often been explored. I tried to tag a few key people in the evolution and inspiration of our lego bugs Doctor Mobius, Lino M, ROOK, and Sir Nadroj. Thanks so much for paving the way! If you are a Lego bug fan, take some time to check out their photostreams!

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Building the Better Bath With Lego Soaps

Might want to check this one out before the Lego Lawyers get hold it.  I’m of the opinion that nearly everything is better with Legos, and don’t think kids are the only one who might get a kick out of these.

Lego Glycerin Soap Party Favors

This listing is for 24 legos that measure 1×1.75″ and weigh approximately .75 ounce. These make great birthday party favors. They are made of glycerin soap and kids love them. They come in the primary colors plus pink and purple.

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