Reusable Nozzle Converts Your Lemon to Spritzer

I am ashamed to say I’ve used more than my fair share of those plastic bottles filled with lemon or lime juice rather than juicing my own. This device is a step above those, seeming to provide the convenience as well as the freshness.

Spray juice citrus fruit directly to season your dishes or flavor of the most refreshing drinks and cocktails. Includes 2 sizes to get the most out of each fruit: one long for lemons, oranges and grapefruit and a short one for smaller citrus such as tangerines and limes

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Power Tools and Watermelon Juice

Tossing a the cubed chunks of a watermelon in a blender has always worked for me, but this method is pretty novel and allows you to keep the “hulled” melon as a decorative dispenser.


It is a HOT Friday at TechShop Menlo Park and everyone is sweating and working hard on their projects. Some watermelon juice sounds great but how do we make it with what we have around? 🙂

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